Jigsaw Puzzle Series started as a project to gradually add many of the facts of severe manipulations and irregularities in several UK court cases.

All cases are very connected, and all cases are consequence of extreme inhumanity and abuse of the British system (The State and The Crown).

All cases are health related, the regime made us ill and disabled, did not want to take any step to reverse their damages, and took all steps to cover up old damages and create new ones.

At the present, I have ready only these correspondences from my case against British Airways and the parent company IAG. The original case before the Watford Employment Tribunal had four Volumes of evidence. Volume 5 is full correspondence in that case until the Judgment (please note that here I published their version of full correspondence, which is about half of everything that happened, with almost three months completely removed (mid November 2013 to mid February 2014, with all criminal activities regarding Second Preliminary Hearing which the Respondent lost, and effectively lost the whole disability / health discrimination case. Missing pages are 64-130, and very likely some others as I did not do the full cross reference). 

The next document is the actual Judgment from that Main Hearing (which I won, but Judge Ryan manipulated the facts and hearing events, and after 10 weeks presented the "official" version of the hearing. Also very important detail, please pay attention to the second reconsideration, which is also prepared and signed by Judge Ryan. It is standard practice that the Judge from the Main case do the first Reconsideration. I asked for the internal and external review of both the Main Judgment and Reconsideration Judgment, demanding actual notes/recordings/transcripts from the five days hearing. I never got them, and all instances of Tribunal Services, Ombudsman, Secretary for Justice, Prime Minister, Royal Courts, The State and The Crown agreed that the manipulation and tampering with the facts and evidence is the standard for the UK cases, law and justice, and that once one of theirs is caught in crime the full regime must unite to defend their criminal, pardon, honourable member of the regime family.

Volume 6 is the document covering my attempts to get appeal or similar action against the robbery and farce that happened in Watford. It ended in July 2015 when I was forced to hand over the case to the System and The Crown, clearly pointing to all manipulations of Ombudsman and Appeal Tribunal.

Volume 7 is the document that should not happen if The State and The Crown investigated extreme anomalies and undisputable evidence of fraud, bribery, manipulations, tampering with evidence and facts, extreme bullying and abuse etc. As they did nothing and them and Tribunal refused to give me any legal assistance, I nominated Secretary of the State and The Queen as my legal representatives and informed Appeal Tribunal that I will not attend another robbery and farce. Find these and other details in the documents published so far, all are actual correspondences.

If you believe that The Crown (The Queen) does not know anything about at least 10 communications directed to her, please make them aware of this documentation, I cannot pass the wall of administrators, clerks, registrars, civil servants, ministers etc.

Volume 4 - My case, discrimination and medical evidence (not used during Main Hearing, ignored in all appeals)

Volume 5 - Watford Employment Tribunal (WET) - official Tribunal version (with half pages missing)

End of Volume 5 - Main Judgment and two Reconsiderations

Volume 6 - Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)

Volume 7 - EAT, Secretary of State for Justice, Prime Minister, Royal Courts of Justice and The Crown

03 October 2016 - Who is controlling controllers (published online)

Absolutely no any communication from The Crown since they received and signed-for my recorded delivery. Default options apply.

The above final deadline is for all cases documented in Volumes 1 to 7 (post 2007 cases), and the very last deadline for all cumulative cases and damages since 1991 (ECHR case plus BA case) is 24.07.2017.