There are some truly amazing things I would like to share with you in my books (in progress, currently a collection of many fragments):

One very happy childhood in the country that does not exist anymore. You will find that things in Yugoslavia were so pure and romantic compared with the world as we know it today. Life full of love, memories, dear people, many relatives and friends, excellent education and great preventive health services.

The country in which I never had to think, consider or understand issues like skin color, cultural or ethnic groups, racism, classes etc. The country that I associate with happiness, health, good people, good food, good weather (although some winters were far too cold).

We did not have everything, but we felt very rich (that is my perception of most people I knew). 

Wars and sanctions destroyed that country. I may be a bit of melancholic and nostalgic about Yugoslavia, but I am no less proud to be a Serb, as I hope everyone else is happy to be what they are and who they are. 

I see myself as an equal among equals. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I am not interested in any politics or religions. 

But the book is not going to be only about myself. My parents did fantastic job in influencing and educating me thus enabling me to become as successful as I am. Great contribution to my rich life came from the government of ex-Yugoslavia, from the great teachers we had at all levels of education, from friendly and supportive relatives, neighbours, friends, from some exceptionally great colleagues (both in Yugoslavia and in UK).

Over twenty years in UK are as rich and interesting as over twenty years in Yugoslavia, both stories almost unique, special and unbelievable.

Many hundreds of people that are familiar with hundreds of my letters have convinced me that my book (letters) should be published. 

It really is a truly extraordinary story about life, health, freedom, justice, endurance, fight, success, achievements, professional and personal highs and lows. About the true heroes, about the good ordinary people, about the bad ordinary people and about the others.

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