I love all the people that are part of my good memories.

Big thanks to many good and true friends from ex Yugoslavia (now in many different countries), my friends and colleagues from UK, and also friends from all over the world that I met and socialized with during my wonderful holidays.

Big thanks to all these people that turned my holidays into very special experience, even if I do not have their names, details and photos.

Big thanks to all good people in the world. Hope to meet many of you in the coming years.

All my photos where I open my arms in a very big welcoming gesture are for you.

Due to very serious commitments in recent months I did not manage to do any work on my web. Until I find some time to improve my web site, and further organize it, please find bellow links for the business or other activities of my friends. I know them personally very well, they are good friends, good people, highly professional and I wish them every success in their businesses and interests, as well as personal satisfaction, joy and happiness in everything they do.